Two Kits For Science Fair Projects – Butterflies And Ant Farms

Interactive learning projects and lessons are enchanting and very effectively capture a child’s imagination and attention, allowing them the full benefit of hands on learning. Teachers are bringing this learning concept into the classroom and home schooling parents have been practicing it for years. It is highly effective and the lessons learned serve to imprint the knowledge upon young minds so that they will not forget. Butterfly and Nature Gift Store has a wide selection of learning aids such as ant farms and butterfly kits that will help children learn about nature. Their large selection of educational kits gives plenty from which educators can choose.The Butterfly and Nature Gift Store announces their brand new butterfly kits and ant farms. Teachers and home schooling parents can enjoy the benefits of incorporating these highly effective learning aids into their lessons. Many of the kits include live caterpillars that students can watch transform into beautiful butterflies. The ant farms include live ants that students can observe creating tunnels and colonies. The lessons here can incorporate not only valuable science lessons but also lessons on life, family units, community and transformations. Students can also gain an appreciation of nature and learn that there is so much more in the big “circle of life.”The ant farms at Butterfly and Nature Gift Store offer projects that are not only fun, but educational as well. They give children the opportunity to observe certain ant behavior such as chamber making and tunneling. Students have the opportunity to see different classes of ants doing their various jobs such as feeder ants gathering food and worker ants digging. They can learn important lessons about how ants are very clean and remove their refuse away from their homes and tunnels. They also move their dead in this manner. This can lead to very productive discussions on the scientific and biological aspects of ants, but also of communities, organizations and teamwork.The Butterfly and Nature Gift Store has five different styles of ant farms that are available. The live ants are received separately via certificates that are included in the ant farm kits and must be mailed in to the company. The ants then arrive within two to three weeks and can only be shipped within the continental United States. Butterfly and Nature Gift Store’s website has a great store of resources for incorporating ant farms into the classroom. They offer information on science projects for kids and give detailed instructions on using the kits and creating lessons.The butterfly project kits use live butterflies and can easily be incorporated into lesson plans or as fun, interactive science projects that provide a great visual aid. Insects are ideal for studying in the classroom due to their brief life cycle. Teachers and home school parents can lead lessons in insect life cycle, behavior, anatomy and the influences of various environmental factors. The kits provide hands on projects that are fun and a project that the students will talk about, explore and want to know more. It takes a caterpillar about three weeks to develop into a butterfly and this can lead to discussions about the transformations that are going on inside the cocoon.The beauty of butterfly kits from Butterfly and Nature Gift Store is that teachers and home schooling parents can enjoy the wonder, magic and fun of rearing butterflies during any time of the year, even in the dead of winter. The instructions are included in the butterfly hatchling kit so keep the butterflies within their life cycle. The resource pages of the Butterfly and Nature Gifts website provides numerous ideas for projects and lessons that incorporate the butterfly kits.Teachers and home schooling parents who want to introduce their students to the wonders of nature can purchase the butterfly kits and ant farms from Butterfly and Nature Gift Store. With the resources, lessons, activities and accessories that are included on the website, Butterfly and Nature Gift Store is a must for the progressive, interactive and interesting classroom.